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First, a toast to you!

You’re in love. You both value experiences over possessions. You fearlessly tackle your passions. You don't care if people think you take too many pictures of your dog. Your favorite dates involve trying things you've never done before. You’re confident in who you are as individuals and as a couple. You're engaged and couldn't be happier about spending the rest of your lives together.

Cheers to that! We love love like it’s our job.

But, perhaps after that initial excitement of being engaged, you started to feel a little overwhelmed and stressed out about wedding planning. Maybe the logistical details are far outweighing the dreamy parts. You might go so far as to say wedding planning feels like a second full-time job, and it’s keeping you from enjoying the happy romance you dreamed your engagement would be.

We don’t want you to feel that way.

About Us

We love helping adventurous couples, like you, conquer that feeling of overwhelm so that they can celebrate the beginning of their marriage stress-free!

As for us — we are easygoing, straight-shooters with a silly side. We live in jeans and yoga pants (except on wedding days). We decompress with Netflix, dog walks, and boxed wine. We believe in emergency chocolate stashes. And we love helping couples create weddings that totally embody the essence of their personalities.

With over 16 years experience in the event industry ­— from bussing tables to assisting photographers — we have the perfect balance of logistical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and calm-under-pressure personality.

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 Sarah Kudlack

Owner & Event Manager + Designer

Heart & Dash Owner, Planner & Stylist

Where I came from

Hi! I'm Sarah... I’ve lived in six different states, but have moved 12 times (my fallback career is a professional packer)! People say I talk like a Southerner, look like a Midwesterner, and drive like a Northerner.


While I’ve been in the event industry since age 14, it’s been intermixed with dashes of the different. I'm always trying new things, like taking guitar lessons, becoming a lifeguard, teaching infants to swim, getting my pilot’s license, mowing yards, and working in a cereal factory. These experiences provided me with a unique outlook on life!


While I’ve worked all over the country running events and have dealt with everything from a missing officiant to a hurricane, I still get excited about what I get to do every day. Meeting new people gets me looking forward to the possibilities!

Beyond the job

Loves: I married my husband Frank in 2010 — he’s tall (6'8"!) so I get to wear heels! But let's be honest, I prefer sneakers. We had our first child March 2017 — Finn Evan... he's huge and makes us smile daily, couldn't ask for better!

Pup: Our fur baby Regan is my child (if I could carry her in a baby Bjorn I would) and my Instagram is full of her adorableness. See #reganthedog.

Drink: Boxed wine (Moscato) is my jam!

Guilty Pleasure: I love talking about anything: HGTV, skin care, curly hair problems, Scandal, or Trivia Crack — let's play! I also have a propensity to overuse exclamation points!!!! So if you're a grammar nerd, sorry, but they are directly connected to my happiness level! :) 

You can learn more about me personally at @SarahKudlack on Instagram.

Sarah Kudlack Photo.jpg

Morgan Dillon

Event Manager


Where I came from

I was born in Staten Island, New York.  My family moved us to the Pocono mountains, which is where I grew up and learned to appreciate nature and developed a passion for hiking and camping. I moved on to college out in Western PA and met many of my best friends there. After college graduation I gave various cities a try ultimately finding my home in Philadelphia. 

How I got here

My first job was as a bus girl (similar to Sarah!) and over 25 years I've worked my way up from that positions to roles as such as general manager. Hospitality is simply something I find joy in.  Through the years I found my niche in coordinating and executing events.  

Best part of the job

Seeing people come together to celebrate a couple's love for each other.  Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it! 

Beyond the job

Loves: My family, My best-friend/significant other, a good book, a brisk run, and of course pizza.

Pup: Duncan, a goofy Labradoodle.  The sweetest pup.   What can I say... he melts my heart.  

Guilty pleasure: The real housewives of "anywhere"

Drink: Rosé... even in winter!


You can learn more about me personally at @morganrosedillon on Instagram.

Christina Pooler

Event Manager & Marketing Coordinator



Loves: My boyfriend, Alex! He tolerates my irrational superstitions about Eagles football, and shows me pictures of small dogs when I’m sad...so he’s also the best roommate ever.

Pet: Emmett (or properly, Dr. Emmett Brown) is the goofiest furball and least coordinated cat you will ever meet. We love him anyway.  

Drink: Vodka & tonic with lime juice (Tito’s please!)

Guilty Pleasure: Watching old episodes of The Muppet Show, Burger King’s chicken fries, and Southern Charm on Bravo (Cam Wimberly is my spirit animal). Sometimes I cry at Subaru commercials.


Hi! I'm Christina...with the exception of a brief stint in Chicago, I’m a Philadelphia area lifer!  When I’m not working with Heart & Dash you can find me exploring my South Philly neighborhood, visiting my parents (really, their dog Casey though...) in Delaware County, or “down the shore” in Ocean City and Stone Harbor.


I’ve had the good fortune to work many different types of jobs ranging from waitress to veterinary assistant...I just love testing what I’m capable of! I have a degree in communications from Shippensburg University (go Raiders!) and have worked in public relations, and events planning for the past several years. I also have a background in journalism and photography, so you will always see my snapping pictures on my phone and looking for a great story!


All the love!!! It’s so rewarding to get to have even a small part in making people happy, and sharing their happiness with others. Seeing the personalities of our couples shine through whether it's on their wedding day, or in an Instagram post celebrating them is just the best.


You can learn more about me personally at @cap_ooler on Instagram.