Shacking Up & Kicking Ass

What better time to share news of shacking up than Valentine’s Day? For those of you who don’t know us {and those of you who do}, we’re Sarah Kudlack and Sarah Zero. Some call us “The Sarahs,” some say “Sarah squared.” As of today, we’re officially calling ourselves Heart & Dash.


Heart & Dash is a blend of Jackalope Heart and Juniper & Dash — our former businesses. We will offer the same services we did before, combining Sarah Zero's branding and design background with Sarah Kudlack's planning and styling expertise. The difference is that we're better together! Check out our services to see what we do for weddings and businesses.

Exactly a year ago we first met up after mutually crushing on each other’s Instagram photos. We chatted about life as independent entrepreneurs and shared all kinds of ideas. After our three-hour lunch, SK emailed SZ:

“I love the ideas we were throwing around and think there's a ton of potential.”

So we decided to meet up occasionally to work side-by-side. Occasionally quickly turned to weekly as we began collaborating on a few workshops.

There was no denying it. We both knew that we were having more fun and we were pushing each other to produce better work together than when we worked independently. Sarah asked Sarah to, like, go steady. In the business sense. ;)

And here we are! We hope you'll join us for the adventure!