How We Tripled Business for a Bed & Breakfast

While all of our clients are truly our dream clients, Faunbrook holds a special place in our hearts as it was our first. The Strawberry Dinner in 2014 was the first project we collaborated on and was the segue into the overall brand refresh of the bed & breakfast.

M2 Photography

M2 Photography

When we first started working with Lori, the innkeeper of Faunbrook, we asked her what her why she got into the B&B business and what her dream was when she took the leap. She explained that she loved being an innkeeper — making breakfast for her guests, helping to make their visits special and memorable. However, she knew she had been spending so much time in her business that she didn't have time to work on her business — so people didn't know about Faunbrook. The stress of not being booked up began to overshadow what she loved about being an innkeeper. So first up, we asked her to tell us what success looked like — what were her top goals?

  1. Host more weddings. Lori wanted to double the number of weddings booked at Faunbrook. We knew this meant we needed to zero in on showcasing the type of weddings Faunbrook could do better than anyone else in the area: intimate, weekend-long weddings.

  2. Make more time. Sounds impossible, but it's not! We can help a small business owner like Lori find more time by creating systems and processes for repeated tasks, like tracking and responding to inquiries with things like customizable email templates — rather than reinventing the wheel every time an email comes in.

Here’s how Heart & Dash helped:

When looking at the goals as a whole, we realized that we could begin to overcome some of the hurdles by showcasing how to best use the property and increasing the quality of Faunbrook's photography. Our solution was to create an elaborate, yet intimate al fresco dining experience — a ticketed event that showcased talented local chefs, cheesemakers, florists, and musicians. We began with one, and to our delight, people wanted more. The Harvest Dinner Series at Faunbrook was born.

We submitted the images and video from these Harvest Dinners to local and national blogs for publish and then shared the published stories across the most effective social media platforms for Faunbrook. The dinners continue to sell out, and Faunbrook's inquiry database began buzzing.

The growing portfolio paved the way for us to refresh Faunbrook's brand identity (logo, colors, marketing materials) and design Faunbrook’s new website. Since launching the new site with optimized keywords, and creating clear wedding and event packages to simplify the process, inquiries and bookings at Faunbrook have tripled.

Alexandra Whitney Photography

Alexandra Whitney Photography

We pride ourselves in working with businesses that have the desire to grow, to work alongside us, and have a product they are proud of. That is Lori. By allowing us to work holistically and therefore efficiently, she essentially got the most bang for her buck.

Read more about some of the harvest dinners here — Strawberry, Peach, Pumpkin, Cucumber.