Introducing Wedding Sessions

We're excited to introduce a new service: Wedding Sessions! Other names we considered include "Getting Shit Done, " "Make Up Your Damn Mind" and "I'm Engaged! What Next?" It's our answer to your requests for small-scale brainstorming and planning sessions for your wedding.


What are Wedding Sessions?

A Wedding Session with Heart & Dash means you get three hours with us, and together we'll tackle whatever you need help with in your wedding planning. You can do a Wedding Session at any point in your planning — below are a few examples of what we can accomplish:

1) "We're newly engaged! Yay! What do we do next?"

  • Chat about what makes you unique as a couple & how to define what's important
  • Introduction to wedding spreadsheets—budget, guest list, check list
  • Create a plan of action / next steps

2) "Whoa, I just realized our 'Pinterest wedding' is unrealistic..."

  • Review budget
  • Pare down your Pinterest board to help you focus
  • Create a customized list of recommended vendors within your budget

3) "Please don't make me make any more decisions."

  • Review vendors and budget
  • Review floor plan
  • Create a logistics plan

You can bring your fiancé or your best bud — or come by yourself! If someone is stressing you out, we recommend you leave them behind for the day ;) Our goal is to have you feeling accomplished, relaxed, and excited for marriage by the end of your session.

Cost: $475

Email to book!