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We are so excited about our August Lady Boss because THREE lovely ladies volunteered to host in their shared studio space in Philadelphia. All three are photographers, and each has her own business and her own killer style, so we think each one deserves her own interview Q&A session with us.

Before we dive into meeting the first hostess for August, we wanted to let you know that this month's Lady Boss filled up in record time — Just a few hours! We've been announcing registration openings via the Facebook Group and our email list, so check those out. We do keep the size limited to facilitate conversation + give all attendees the chance to ask Q's :)

Brae {by Peach Plum Pear} & the studio {by Brae}.

Brae {by Peach Plum Pear} & the studio {by Brae}.

Without further adieu, meet Ms. Brae Howard, the fierce photographer who loves "capturing the weirdness of families" at weddings. She roped us right in with that statement — we like her already. Check out her work on her website, Brae Howard Photography, and learn more about Brae below!

Brae's studio — shared with Peach Plum Pear & Cheyenne Gil Photography {photo by Brae}.

Brae's studio — shared with Peach Plum Pear & Cheyenne Gil Photography {photo by Brae}.

Let's get to know this lady:

Q: Coffee or tea?
A: Definitely a tea drinker. Loose leaf green tea every morning and strong British black tea all day.

Q: Guilty pleasure?
A: I don't believe in guilty pleasures — I believe in pleasure! I love celebrity gossip, Kim Kardashian's Instagram, and pop culture in general.

Q: Time-suck?
A: Definitely Facebook and watching hip hop music videos on YouTube.

Q: Quick weeknight meal?
A: Southeast asian stir-fry. I use any veggies I have in the fridge and sauté them with oyster sauce, ginger, fish sauce, and soy sauce.

Q: What are you listening to lately?
A: I listen to the Savage Love podcast every week and I've been listening to a lot of Thundercat, Kanye, and Lana Del Ray lately.

Q: Who are you crushing on?
A: I have too many crushes to count! Always crushing on A$AP Rocky and @meredithdevine on Instagram to name two random ones.

Q: Current mantra? 
A: I am a huge fan of the buddhist wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh. Love this quote: "Look deeply to try to overcome the gap between your concept of reality and reality itself."

Brae's workspace.

Brae's workspace.

...And now let's meet the boss:

Q: What do you do?
A: I'm a freelance photographer specializing in weddings. I help create beautiful photos of people's families and loved ones. I love what I do! I also make portraits of women who intrigue me for my personal work.

Q: Tell us about a project you recently wrapped
A: Each week I help teach English to a class of Nepali refugees in South Philly. I recently did a series of portraits of them. Anyone interested in working with these amazing people should get in touch with me!

Q: What makes you go to work each day? 
A: Working for myself is as challenging as it is rewarding. I love my five mile bike commute to my studio each day and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends to share my work space with — @cheyennegil and @peachplumpearphoto. {Editor's Note: stay tuned for their Lady Boss interviews coming soon!}

Q: Dream project?
What a good question! I have a couple ideas. I love photographing women who have a strong sense of personal style. I would love to photograph female fashion designers in their homes in a few of their favorite outfits. I would also love to start a series of portraits of international people who've made Philadelphia their home, accompanied with a story about what they love and don't love about this very cool city.

Q: What made you decide to host a Lady Boss? 
A: I love meeting other women who are doing things their own way and I'm always looking to improve and to share ideas and questions with other entrepreneurs! 

Connect with this Lady Boss:

Facebook: Brae Howard Photography
Instagram: @BraeHowardPhoto


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