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Meet Cheyenne of Cheyenne Gil Photography! Cheyenne is the third of three awesome Philadelphia photographers who are hosting our August Lady Boss event in their shared studio. We hear Cheyenne just moved into the space and is absolutely loving working alongside two other super talented ladies. We might just have to crash the party there for a collaborative working day!

We love what this lady is all about — and nobody explains it better than she does, so let's jump right into the interview.

Meet Cheyenne. She took this herself — the shutter remote is hiding in her hand!

Meet Cheyenne. She took this herself — the shutter remote is hiding in her hand!

Let's get to know this lady:

Q: Coffee or tea?
A: Margaritas + beer! Tea sometimes. I’m half Colombian but never coffee. 

Q: Guilty pleasure?
A: Putting my workout clothes on and laying on my yoga mat for an hour instead of actually doing anything. And yeah, fries. Buffalo Chicken cheesesteaks. But I don’t feel guilty about allaaa dat.

Q: Time-suck?
A: Without a doubt Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes I don’t even remember logging on…….

Q: Quick weeknight meal?
A: Pasta with fresh veggies + chicken!

Q: What are you listening to lately?
A: The Weeknd, Hozier, Kendrick.

Q: Who are you crushing on?
A: Marky Mark. Always + forev.

Q: Current mantra? 
A: "Get the f*ck up and do something" —myself. I’m incredibly unmotivated lately.

Cheyenne can transform this space into the perfect boudoir set. {Photo by Brae Howard}

Cheyenne can transform this space into the perfect boudoir set. {Photo by Brae Howard}

And now let's meet the boss:

Q: What do you do?
A: I’m a beauty and boudoir photographer! I work with women only and am a self-love MONSTER. I provide the kind of experience that will leave you wanting to take your clothes off (again) and run around an open field in your bare feet screaming and laughing and stuff.

Q: Tell us about a project you recently wrapped.
A: I work with a lot of very modest women, so it’s always a treat when they come to me saying ‘Oh, I’m not sexy’ and ‘I would never do this but my husband begged me’ and I tell them to shut it because 1. I’m about to show you how sexy/lovely/beautiful your soul is, and 2. this has absolutely nothing to do with your husband because if you really don’t want to do something, then you don’t do it. I have never had anyone regret doing a boudoir session — only people who wish they had booked one sooner. 

Q: What makes you go to work each day? 
A: When I say that I absolutely adore what I do, that is a huge understatement. I feel so inspired every day by the women with whom I have the pleasure to work, and also by the fact that I LOVE making people feel good. I live for making my girls understand how beautiful they are as a human being. I live for showing them that their body is not something to hate, but something to love and cherish — whether they’re as skinny as a stick, thick + curvy, or a chubster — we are beautiful.

Q: Dream project?
A: I would absolutely love to have a self-love workshop to help women get started on their journey to fully loving and appreciating their body, spirit, and mind. {Editor's Note: Dudette, let us know if you want to team up on that!}

Q: What made you decide to host a Lady Boss? 
A: When Brae brought it up, I was all over it. Hanging out with other gals who are in the same boat as I am is something I certainly don’t do frequently enough. I’m excited to talk shop and get some inspiration flowing! 

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