Lady Boss :: Inna Spivakova of Peach Plum Pear Photography

Today we're chatting with Inna Spivakova of Peach Plum Pear Photography. Inna is the second of THREE lovely ladies we're highlighting this month since they're jointly hosting the August Lady Boss in their shared studio space.

This month's Lady Boss filled up in record time! We've been announcing registration openings via the Facebook Group and our email list, so check those out to be first to register in the future. They're free and first-come-first-serve registration.

Meet Inna's pup, #ernestorivera, and Inna! (photos by Inna + Brae Howard)

Meet Inna's pup, #ernestorivera, and Inna! (photos by Inna + Brae Howard)

Let's get to know this lady:

Q: Coffee or tea?
A: Strong coffee, good beers, yay!

Q: Guilty pleasure?
A: Ice cream (sometimes for dinner!)

Q: Time-suck?
A: Haruki Murakami's novels. 

Q: Quick weeknight meal?
A: Since it's summer and too hot to do much actual cooking, I make lots of multi-ingredient salads (tomato, corn, cucumbers, radishes, fennel, basil, etc) topped with shrimp or squid. It's quick and delicious!

Q: What are you listening to lately?
A: Brian Eno is my hero. I listen to his ambient albums while working. As far as podcasts, I like Tim Ferriss and Dan Savage.

Q: Who are you crushing on?
A: A photographer named Mariam Sitchinava. She's based in Tbilisi, Georgia and makes the most ethereal and dreamy portraits of young women in nature.

Q: Current mantra? 
A: Every day I try to make time to pause and appreciate little moments that can go unnoticed and the beauty of them. It's as close to meditation as I get!

Hard at work in the studio! {by Brae Howard}

Hard at work in the studio! {by Brae Howard}

And now let's meet the boss:

Q: What do you do?
A: I do modern organic wedding photography for people in love. My passion is to capture real connection between people and tell the story of their wedding day in a simple and beautiful way.

Q: Tell us about a project you recently wrapped.
A: I recently wrapped up a fun and colorful styled bridal shower shoot at a vineyard in Landenberg, PA. It involved a bride and bridesmaids riding cute bicycles! I'm really into styled shoots lately and would like to do more of them in the future. Collaborating with models, stylists, florists and caterers is inspiring and fun. Also, I just started a book project that involves birthday cakes for dogs (!!!) It's a collaboration with a baker, a writer and a dog daycare in Philly. I'm excited to have more dogs at our studio soon! {Editor's Note: The shot of Inna's pup, above, is a sneak peek!}

Q: What makes you go to work each day? 
A: I feel really lucky being able to make a living doing what I love — taking photos. I love being able to make my own schedule and grateful to share my work space with other talented creative ladies, Brae and Cheyenne. Nothing makes me happier that going through photos after a shoot and realizing that I captured a true connection between people or a beautiful moment!

Q: What made you decide to host a Lady Boss? 
A: I think it's very important to have an environment of sharing, learning together and helping each other out along the way. Meeting other women running their own businesses is refreshing and inspiring. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to host Lady Boss in August!

Where we'll be hanging for Lady Boss next week {by Brae Howard}

Where we'll be hanging for Lady Boss next week {by Brae Howard}

Connect with this Lady Boss:

Facebook: Peach Plum Pear Photo
Instagram: @PeachPlumPearPhoto

Thanks letting us into your world Inna! Can't wait to check out your space + get to know you even better next week! <3


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