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This post is part of a series of interviews with Lady Boss hostesses.

We are beyond excited to kick off 2016 by growing Lady Boss beyond Philadelphia, and beyond the wedding industry! We think it's best for the Lady Boss community to welcome all types of creative entrepreneurs — photographers, makers, illustrators, designers, shop owners, and more. This expansion is why we're oh-so-happy to have documentary photographer Allison Zaucha as our honorary hostess for the January Lady Boss.

Lady Boss Allison Zaucha Heart & Dash

January's event is 5–7:30p on Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016 at Artifact Coffee in Baltimore, Maryland. Seating is limited to 12 women, and therefore you must register to attend; the event is free other than the cost of your beverage and/or treat from Artifact. Please help us spread the word to your Lady Boss friends down in Bmore by sending them to our Lady Boss page! Without further adieu, let's get to know our January hostess!

Lady Boss Allison Zaucha Heart & Dash


Q: Coffee or tea?

Q: Guilty pleasure?
Parks and Rec reruns!

Q: What are you listening to lately?
Arcade Fire's album Relektor. Their music video of "We Exist" is so emotional and moving. Excellent storytelling!

Q: Who are you crushing on?
Mary Ellen Mark. Her use of black and white as well as always moving deeper into a subject's story move my soul.

Q: Current mantra? 
A: Never stop learning.

Never Stop Learning


Q: What do you do?
A: I am a documentary photographer with two brands—the first is long-form photojournalism focused on creating powerful still images that tell narratives of hardworking individuals as well as portraits and editorial work. My other brand, Allison Zaucha Lifestyle, is centered around families, love, and children in a documentary style.

Q: Tell us about a project you recently wrapped
A: Recently, I have been doing "day-in-the-life" portrait series on different people in the Philadelphia area. I just finished one about Sabatino, a 95 year old Philadelphia veteran, who is first-generation American and quit school in 3rd grade to start working with his father. From the moment I walked through the door he was singing loud Italian music in star-spangled banner jacket and bucket hat. His wife passed away the year prior and he told me how he courted her by borrowing friends cars and picking her up in a different one every week. Needless to say there was so much personality in the portraits and I was able to gift the images to the family. It's my hope that I can continue to do stories like this throughout the United States.

Q: What makes you go to work each day? 
A: I am truly full of gratitude that I'm a very visual person and have been able to translate that into a career. I'm motivated by people. I'm inspired by the similarities and the uniqueness that make up all human beings. Bringing dignity and honor to people through the act of photographing them, listening to their words and putting together their story motivates me every day to pick up my camera.

Q: Tell us about a dream project or client.
A: I can't pin point the exact dream project, but there are a few details of a story that constantly swirl in my head. Spending time telling the story of a community of gritty, hard-working blue collar folks for an extended period of time to tell their story of resiliency, loyalty to each other and passion. A lot of these themes are ones that I seek out, but having the chance to do this more consistently for nonprofits and businesses would be a dream and it's what I'm working towards.

Q: What made you decide to host a Lady Boss? 
A: I decided to host a Lady Boss after attending Emily Wren's last summer because I was so moved by the fellow creative women whom I met there. It's hard to find a supportive, creative community and having just moved to Annapolis from Philadelphia I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet a great group of lady bosses in the area! Thanks Heart and Dash!

Lady Boss Allison Zaucha Heart & Dash


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