Lady Boss :: Danielle, Julie, and Shae-li of 30th & Weldon

This post is part of a series of interviews with Lady Boss hostesses.

Danielle, Shae-li, and Julie

The ladies of 30th & Weldon (Danielle George, Julie Laufer, and Shae-li Liang) are the featured bosses at our October 2016 edition of Lady Boss at Artifact Coffee in Baltimore. Registration goes live on Monday, October 3 — the link is only available via our email list. Sign up for our email list if you haven't already!



Q: Coffee or tea?

Danielle: Coffee before 3pm, wine after.

Julie: Black coffee, white tea.

Shae-li: Coffee, tea, seltzer, whiskey, wine.

Q: Guilty pleasure?

Danielle: Binge watching really random home improvement shows like Texas Flip & Move.

Julie: I watch entirely too much TV. I play too much Pokémon Go. Sometimes I put almond milk/coconut milk in my coffee if I'm really feeling adventurous.

Shae-li: RuPaul's Drag Race, eating cheese (I'm lactose intolerant), taking pictures of my food #seeshaegram.

Q: What are you listening to lately?

Danielle: So many podcasts — Radiolab's More Perfect and NPR's How I Built This lately.

Julie: Frank Ocean's Blonde.

Shae-li: Glass Animals latest album How to Be a Human Being; Sawbones — a comedy podcast about misguided medicine; construction sounds outside my apartment.

Q: Who are you crushing on?

Danielle: My heart will forever belong to Shawn Hunter. But also maybe Lip from Shameless.

Julie: @napoleonthecorgi on Instagram.

Shae-li: Artisan bread of any form, @milkandicevintage, oh and I guess my boyfriend Justin.

Q: Current mantra? 

Danielle: Though she but little, she is fierce.

Julie: Life is incapable of throwing things my way that I cannot handle, so there is no need to worry.

Shae-li: Worry is a thief. Life has been hectic and very busy for me this past year but worrying about things outside of my control is a waste of precious time.


Danielle, Shae-li, and Julie

Sunday at The Mill


Q: What do you do?

Julie: We are 30th & Weldon, a lifestyle blog and online store. We were founded in Baltimore, MD and work to share our ideas with the greater community. We aim to put Baltimore on the map and bring people together with our events. Our most popular event is Sunday at the Mill, but another favorite is our Galentine's Day event, which brought women (and people who love women) together for a night of networking at Blue Pit BBQ. Our online store features product curated by us and created exclusively for 30th & Weldon by local Baltimore artists.

Q: Tell us about a project you recently wrapped

Danielle: Summer 2k16 was super busy for us! We launched our online store, a project we've been working on and dreaming about since we launched in January of 2015. We also just had our 2nd Sunday at the Mill event, a festival type atmosphere with local bands, a variety of shops and artists, and yummy treats from our friends at Artifact!

Q: What makes you go to work each day? 

Danielle: I think our internal motivation comes from our need to succeed on our own, to show the world what we have to offer — something our day jobs don't offer. In true millennial fashion, we're queens of side-hustle and 30th & Weldon is our place that we are able to express our passions and creations in our own way. We also are given this unique platform to show the world the amazing people and creators and artists we've met in our time in Baltimore and hopefully show the rest of the world what we already know if you live here — there's so, so much more to Baltimore than The Wire.

Julie: I wanted to put my energy into something creative and positive. The idea of a blog was immediately appealing — it became a way to try new things and share them with our readers.

Shae-li: For me, writing has always been a creative outlet, I have quite a number of old notebooks filled with poems, song lyrics, short stories and journal entries — all of the embarrassing variety but still... I also love the editorial component that comes with being a blog and maintaining active social media presence. I enjoy styling clothing, product, interiors, floral arrangements, etc. and do a lot of it for 30th & Weldon in addition to my own personal brand and a few consulting gigs. // I studied public relations and mass communication in college and really nerd out over branding and marketing that is thoughtful and curated. I appreciate a lot of the work and effort it takes to build your vision in a way that can be marketed to a large audience but still holds true to your company's core values. Our values being building community among like minded creatives, showing off a city that deserves recognition, and wine. We value wine a lot.

Q: Tell us about a dream project or client.

Danielle: Someday we'd love to have our own space — a retail store and event space where we can host events and bring people together.

Julie: I want a full print magazine, Sunday at the Mill two times a year, and bicoastal brick-and-mortar stores. ;)

Shae-li: The dream is to make 30th & Weldon a full time job for all three of us. Ideally, with a physical store, office space and event space combo. I'd love to be able to travel with 30th & Weldon, and be able to share with the world the things we cherish, admire, and feel deserve our support.

Q: What made you decide to co-host a Lady Boss? 

Danielle: I haven't really shut up about how good my experience was at the last one I was able to attend and honestly I think Julie and Shae were just tired of hearing me talk about it — it was like, well let's do it then!

Julie: All too often, women are taught to compete with one another. We're taught that we need to be prettier than, more successful than, do more than other women and that just doesn't jive with me. Lady Boss feels like an incredibly positive and empowering way to bring amazing women in the community together. I want to create a space that allows us to learn from one another, encourage one another, and promote partnership.

Shae-li: What better way to build community in Baltimore than to host an event that does exactly that?! We love meeting other lady bosses and look forward to the collaborations that will undoubtedly be born from this event.