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This post is part of a series of interviews with Lady Boss hostesses.

Annie Howe is hosting our April Lady Boss in Baltimore, Maryland. Registration goes live on April 1 via our email list. Signing up for our email list if you haven't already!

Heart & Dash Lady Boss Annie Howe of Annie Howe Papercuts

We were lucky enough to get to know Annie because she hired us to design her brand identity when she decided she was ready to level up her business game. Talk about a dream client — her work is stunning and she appreciates the value of good design — so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to truly collaborate with her. It's been such a treat to watch her business reach new heights this year (and we'd like to think that her new polished brand identity gave her extra confidence to go tackle some of those big dreams).

Don't get us wrong, we're definitely not taking credit for her success! She had already been working her butt off, producing killer work, and building her audience — earning every little bit of that success by being BOSS. We're just saying it is super special to get to play a small role in making her look and feel as legit as she actually is. So, without further adieu...

Heart & Dash Lady Boss Annie Howe of Annie Howe Papercuts


Q: Coffee or tea?
A: Coffee times a million!

Q: Guilty pleasure?
A: Window shopping on the Poshmark app!! I am stalking some great pairs of shoes on there.

Q: What are you listening to lately?
A: I love love love podcasts, So I am of course listening to Serial (season two), How Did This Get Made (a podcast about terrible movies) and also Comedy Bang Bang. I did just listen to Shonda Rhimes' book, Year of Yes, and it is wonderful!

Q: Who are you crushing on?
A: I love this animator's Instagram feed!

Q: Current mantra? 
A: Raise your prices until someone says no!
[Editor's Note: Heck yes! Artists in particular need to live by this!]

Heart & Dash Lady Boss Annie Howe of Annie Howe Papercuts


Q: What do you do?
A: I'm the owner and artist behind Annie Howe Papercuts in Baltimore, Maryland. My papercuts are intricate, detailed, and cut with care. Each piece tells a story. I work with businesses, publications, private collections, and individuals to capture their ideas and represent them within a beautifully designed papercut. Whether it’s the story of a special occasion or that of their business, I take extreme care in bringing forth the story from small shapes and delicate details, transforming them into a one-of-a-kind papercut.

Q: Tell us about a project you recently wrapped.
A: This past year was a great year for my career! I am most proud of the book cover I illustrated. I created an original papercut for the cover and spot illustrations for author Rick Bragg's new collection of essays My Southern Journey True stories from the heart of the south it debuted on the NYT bestseller list at # 14in the non-fiction category. It is really cool to see my work in big stores like Barnes and Noble!

Q: What makes you go to work each day? 
A: Some days checking my bank account motivates me! I love the fact that I am 100% responsible for my career and I can choose the way I do things. I am incredibly motivated by a strong network of other woman doing amazing work and running their own creative businesses. I am also motivated by Baltimore and the creative energy and opportunity here.

Q: Tell us about a dream project or client.
A: Dream Projects — I would love to create a greeting card or xmas card for MoMA I would like to do some editorial illustrations for women's mags — like Oprah and Simple Living. I would also love to create large scale metal sculptures of my papercuts.

Q: What made you decide to host a Lady Boss? 
A: Because Sarah and Sarah are boss and I know so many wonderful Boss Ladies in Bmore that I can't wait to get together and hear what everyone is up to!

Heart & Dash Lady Boss Annie Howe of Annie Howe Papercuts