And We’re Back…

We’ve been off our game regarding blog posts lately, Heart & Dash has been busy making some exciting changes and been neck deep in our wedding season! Thankfully, we’re finally getting back on track and are super excited to share with you the ideas behind this kind -of- but- not- really new blog.


Photo: Quarter Moon Co

For those of you who haven’t checked out the “about” section of the Heart & Dash site, here’s what our deal is: we are easy going, straight-shooters with a silly side. We live in jeans & athleisure wear (except on wedding days). We decompress with Netflix and dog walks. We believe in emergency chocolate stashes. And we love helping couples create weddings that totally embody the essence of their personalities.

Our owner, planner & stylist at Heart & Dash, Sarah Kudlack,  has been in the event industry since age 14. She’s always trying new things and these experiences have provided her with a unique outlook on life!  During her many years in the field, she’s found that there are a long list of questions that she’s constantly asked by couples along the road to planning their wedding, and it’s the answers to these questions (and more) that this blog is intended to share with you.


One important factor in understanding just what kind of information and advice you’ll be getting from this blog is understanding what Heart & Dash is all about. Shockingly, there’s more to it then just drinking boxed wine and singing the praises of yoga pants...although...that’s a pretty major part of it to be honest. Before we dive into the deep end, let’s to take a moment to let you know what Heart & Dash believes in.  

You Do You

Whoever you are, own it. If you’re not true to yourself, no matter who that is, your special day will end up being perfect for the person you’re pretending to be, and not for YOU. In the end, embrace who you are...we’re all just a bunch of weirdos deep down and that's great!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Allow yourself to be happy. Just do the thing! Tell that stupid joke, adopt that dog, drink that glass of wine, go see that friend on a whim! Don’t let overthinking hold you back from your happiness.

Work Hard, Play Hard

More accurately, don’t forget to find balance in your life. When you’re working - work hard. When you’re not, make sure you’re making time to play. Make time to take care of yourself and show those you care about that you’re here for them. Without balance you can burn bright but you’ll definitely burn out fast.

Just be Nice to People!

Ahh the “golden rule” it’s truly one of the greatest concepts out there. Treat others how you would like to be treated. If you conduct your life with compassion, decency, and gratitude towards others it can change your world, and hopefully theirs too!


Celebrate EVERYTHING! Take time to appreciate the big and the small moments. Got a promotion? Celebrate! Remembered to take the trash out? Celebrate! Got engaged? DEFINITELY celebrate!

Make Memories.

We all know “stuff” is great, but when we all look back, it’s really the memories, the experiences that we’ll remember. Of course, take time to appreciate the “things” you’ve been able to provide, but in the long run, cultivate experiences and you’ll have memories that you’ll be able to look back on for a lifetime.


Hopefully this has helped convey to you the type of straight shooting, honest, and sometimes (ok, probably too often) sarcastic content that we’re so thrilled about!!

We look forward to sharing our knowledge…


… and hopefully providing some insight into the world of wedding planning!


Photos: Michele Suits Photography