And We’re Back…

We’ve been off our game regarding blog posts lately, Heart & Dash has been busy making some exciting changes and been neck deep in our wedding season! Thankfully, we’re finally getting back on track and are super excited to share with you the ideas behind this kind -of- but- not- really new blog.


Photo: Quarter Moon Co

For those of you who haven’t checked out the “about” section of the Heart & Dash site, here’s what our deal is: we are easy going, straight-shooters with a silly side. We live in jeans & athleisure wear (except on wedding days). We decompress with Netflix and dog walks. We believe in emergency chocolate stashes. And we love helping couples create weddings that totally embody the essence of their personalities.

Our owner, planner & stylist at Heart & Dash, Sarah Kudlack,  has been in the event industry since age 14. She’s always trying new things and these experiences have provided her with a unique outlook on life!  During her many years in the field, she’s found that there are a long list of questions that she’s constantly asked by couples along the road to planning their wedding, and it’s the answers to these questions (and more) that this blog is intended to share with you.


One important factor in understanding just what kind of information and advice you’ll be getting from this blog is understanding what Heart & Dash is all about. Shockingly, there’s more to it then just drinking boxed wine and singing the praises of yoga pants...although...that’s a pretty major part of it to be honest. Before we dive into the deep end, let’s to take a moment to let you know what Heart & Dash believes in.  

You Do You

Whoever you are, own it. If you’re not true to yourself, no matter who that is, your special day will end up being perfect for the person you’re pretending to be, and not for YOU. In the end, embrace who you are...we’re all just a bunch of weirdos deep down and that's great!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Allow yourself to be happy. Just do the thing! Tell that stupid joke, adopt that dog, drink that glass of wine, go see that friend on a whim! Don’t let overthinking hold you back from your happiness.

Work Hard, Play Hard

More accurately, don’t forget to find balance in your life. When you’re working - work hard. When you’re not, make sure you’re making time to play. Make time to take care of yourself and show those you care about that you’re here for them. Without balance you can burn bright but you’ll definitely burn out fast.

Just be Nice to People!

Ahh the “golden rule” it’s truly one of the greatest concepts out there. Treat others how you would like to be treated. If you conduct your life with compassion, decency, and gratitude towards others it can change your world, and hopefully theirs too!


Celebrate EVERYTHING! Take time to appreciate the big and the small moments. Got a promotion? Celebrate! Remembered to take the trash out? Celebrate! Got engaged? DEFINITELY celebrate!

Make Memories.

We all know “stuff” is great, but when we all look back, it’s really the memories, the experiences that we’ll remember. Of course, take time to appreciate the “things” you’ve been able to provide, but in the long run, cultivate experiences and you’ll have memories that you’ll be able to look back on for a lifetime.


Hopefully this has helped convey to you the type of straight shooting, honest, and sometimes (ok, probably too often) sarcastic content that we’re so thrilled about!!

We look forward to sharing our knowledge…


… and hopefully providing some insight into the world of wedding planning!


Photos: Michele Suits Photography

Back-to-School Wedding Inspiration Shoot at Bok Building in Philadelphia

This past summer we got in touch with Danfredo Photography to collaborate on this fun styled shoot. We'd never worked with them before, and we were totally crushing on their bright, fun, goofy vibe. Danielle from Danfredo had just learned about this new space in South Philly — The Bok Building — and was super eager to shoot there. It's a former vo-tech high school that closed a few years ago, then was recently purchased by a super talented team of urban planners with grand ideas. 

South Philly Wedding at Old School, Bok Building :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film

Um — an opportunity to do a styled shoot at a killer old high school building with a rooftop view of Center City Philly? Obviously we were on board. And obviously our concept would be "back-to-school." We'd paint the story of a couple of high school sweethearts. Cue flashbacks of eraser tops on pencils, folded love notes, and writing naughty words on the chalkboard.

Philadelphia Rooftop Wedding :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film

Let's back up a moment to give you a glimpse of our process. When we collaborate on a styled shoot, we establish a concept (a realistic story), a color palette, and a couple of stylistic ideas for all vendors to use as a starting point. Then, we encourage each vendor to interpret that concept and color palette in their own way. When everyone has that central starting point paired with the freedom to riff of it, magic happens!

Philadelphia Non-Traditional Wedding Planning :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film

Durga-Kali provided the bridesmaid dresses for this shoot, and since this is one of the first decisions made, we let the dresses inspire our bright color palette. The colors totally have a back-to-school vibe, right?! Sulimay Urban Salon then created a look for each of the models that complemented each of the lady’s bold looks. Today’s wedding trends shy away from the bold, but we think couples should do whatever they want. If you love emerald and sapphire, go for it! Use both! And throw in hot pink while you're at it.

South Philly Wedding at Old School, Bok Building :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film :: Durga Kali colorful reversible bridesmaid dresses

Sebesta Design was totally game for the bold color palette, which was a huge departure from what couples had been asking her for in 2015. She brought her A-game with the varied florals in chemistry beakers and vials, then she took it to the next level with all of that texture — embracing that fun and weird vibe we were going for. We all geeked out over the fun props we got to incorporate with this shoot.

Colorful South Philly Wedding at Old School, Bok Building :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film

Nutmeg Cake Design did an A+ job with the super cool chalkboard cake she created. You can’t have a back-to-school shoot without chalkboard. Take note — those flowers on the cake are sugar flowers made by Nutmeg. Guess she was gunning for some extra credit.

South Philly Wedding at Old School, Bok Building :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film :: Chalkboard Cake from Nutmeg Cake Design

Hello, Bird created the fun school-themed stationery. She jumped at the excuse to pull from composition books and scantrons as part of her design story. We all shared an "awwww" moment when she pulled out the paper-folded fortune tellers and expertly folded secret love notes. She owned that nostalgia factor.

School Themed Wedding Inspiration South Philly Wedding at Old School, Bok Building :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film

Every time we look back at this shoot we get all warm and fuzzy. It was so much fun! That’s what your wedding should be: FUN! And perhaps the best part of this shoot is that because it’s all totally attainable. You could actually style a head table this way. You could really get married at The Bok Building. Well, soon, anyway. More on that later. Wink wink.

Originally featured on Ruffled Blog. 


Photography: Danfredo Photos + Film
Event Design: Heart & Dash
Florist: Sebesta Design
Venue: Bok Building
Bridal Store: Lovely Bride
Hair & Makeup: Sulimay Urban Salon
Bridesmaid Dresses: Durga-Kali
Wedding Cake: Nutmeg Cake Design
Stationery: Hello, Bird


How We Launched a Barn Wedding Venue


photo by Heart & Dash

Non-profit Delaware Greenways hired Heart & Dash to help them transform the barn at Historic Penn Farm into an event space. The barn sits on a 112-acre farm in New Castle, Delaware that has been operating for 200+ years. Delaware Greenways — which manages the farm — decided to open the barn as a venue for weddings, non-profit events, and community programming. Though they're experts in the non-profit world, they were new to the world of events, so they enlisted Heart & Dash for our knowledge about the weddings and events industries.

photo by Heart & Das

We began our 12-month holistic approach to launching the venue by establishing the vision for the property and goals for the venue. Because Delaware Greenways is responsible for managing the farm itself, creating educational programming, and maintaining its other projects throughout the state, we knew the next most important to-do was to establish clear processes, roles, and responsibilities. For example, the outdoor ceremony space is maintained by the tenant farmer, who also maintains the corn and soy fields, so it was essential to establish a system to keep him in the loop (so he knows when machinery needs to be stored away in time for weddings, for example). We also provided a list of recommended priorities for construction and venue amenities to boost the value of the space.

photo by Heart & Das

Delaware Greenways also enlisted our help in creating a brand identity that would appeal to their ideal clients — for both weddings and other types of events. We designed a logo that incorporated a nod to the past (corn) and the future (a meadow lined with sunflowers). In addition to the logo, we created a color palette, letterhead, a sales kit, and a special favor to give all who visited the barn for a tour. You can read more about the brand launch here

photo by Heart & Dash

Next, we focused on paperwork for clients and vendors. This included everything from establishing the first draft of the rental agreement and walking through policy decisions, to vetting a list of approved caterers, to double-checking who needs to provide what forms of insurance. Having been in the industry for 15+ years and working with all types of venues, we were able to anticipate questions and proactively craft answers prior to launch.

Sharyn Frenkel Photography

Sharyn Frenkel Photography

photo by Sharyn Frenkel

To drum up buzz for the venue launch, we planned and styled a photo shoot of a faux wedding (also known as a "styled shoot"), wrote press releases, and got the shoot published on a national wedding blog as well as a top local blog. Read more about the shoot here.

Sharyn Frenkel Photography

Sharyn Frenkel Photography

photo by Sharyn Frenkel

Lastly, we worked with Delaware Greenways to host a bridal show at the barn so that couples could begin seeing the progress and the potential for weddings and events. We carefully documented all questions and delivered feedback and recommendations to Delaware Greenways to help them continue to improve the venue.

Brittney Raine Photography

Brittney Raine Photography

photo by Brittney Raine Photography

We are happy to say that the venue opened this past fall, had an average of five booking inquiries a week, booked six weddings, and hosted its first two! We look forward to hearing stories about weddings at events at Historic Penn Farm for years to come.

Brittney Raine Photography

Brittney Raine Photography

photo by Brittney Raine Photography