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Back-to-School Wedding Inspiration Shoot at Bok Building in Philadelphia

This past summer we got in touch with Danfredo Photography to collaborate on this fun styled shoot. We'd never worked with them before, and we were totally crushing on their bright, fun, goofy vibe. Danielle from Danfredo had just learned about this new space in South Philly — The Bok Building — and was super eager to shoot there. It's a former vo-tech high school that closed a few years ago, then was recently purchased by a super talented team of urban planners with grand ideas. 

South Philly Wedding at Old School, Bok Building :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film

Um — an opportunity to do a styled shoot at a killer old high school building with a rooftop view of Center City Philly? Obviously we were on board. And obviously our concept would be "back-to-school." We'd paint the story of a couple of high school sweethearts. Cue flashbacks of eraser tops on pencils, folded love notes, and writing naughty words on the chalkboard.

Philadelphia Rooftop Wedding :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film

Let's back up a moment to give you a glimpse of our process. When we collaborate on a styled shoot, we establish a concept (a realistic story), a color palette, and a couple of stylistic ideas for all vendors to use as a starting point. Then, we encourage each vendor to interpret that concept and color palette in their own way. When everyone has that central starting point paired with the freedom to riff of it, magic happens!

Philadelphia Non-Traditional Wedding Planning :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film

Durga-Kali provided the bridesmaid dresses for this shoot, and since this is one of the first decisions made, we let the dresses inspire our bright color palette. The colors totally have a back-to-school vibe, right?! Sulimay Urban Salon then created a look for each of the models that complemented each of the lady’s bold looks. Today’s wedding trends shy away from the bold, but we think couples should do whatever they want. If you love emerald and sapphire, go for it! Use both! And throw in hot pink while you're at it.

South Philly Wedding at Old School, Bok Building :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film :: Durga Kali colorful reversible bridesmaid dresses

Sebesta Design was totally game for the bold color palette, which was a huge departure from what couples had been asking her for in 2015. She brought her A-game with the varied florals in chemistry beakers and vials, then she took it to the next level with all of that texture — embracing that fun and weird vibe we were going for. We all geeked out over the fun props we got to incorporate with this shoot.

Colorful South Philly Wedding at Old School, Bok Building :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film

Nutmeg Cake Design did an A+ job with the super cool chalkboard cake she created. You can’t have a back-to-school shoot without chalkboard. Take note — those flowers on the cake are sugar flowers made by Nutmeg. Guess she was gunning for some extra credit.

South Philly Wedding at Old School, Bok Building :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film :: Chalkboard Cake from Nutmeg Cake Design

Hello, Bird created the fun school-themed stationery. She jumped at the excuse to pull from composition books and scantrons as part of her design story. We all shared an "awwww" moment when she pulled out the paper-folded fortune tellers and expertly folded secret love notes. She owned that nostalgia factor.

School Themed Wedding Inspiration South Philly Wedding at Old School, Bok Building :: Heart & Dash :: Danfredo Photo + Film

Every time we look back at this shoot we get all warm and fuzzy. It was so much fun! That’s what your wedding should be: FUN! And perhaps the best part of this shoot is that because it’s all totally attainable. You could actually style a head table this way. You could really get married at The Bok Building. Well, soon, anyway. More on that later. Wink wink.

Originally featured on Ruffled Blog. 


Photography: Danfredo Photos + Film
Event Design: Heart & Dash
Florist: Sebesta Design
Venue: Bok Building
Bridal Store: Lovely Bride
Hair & Makeup: Sulimay Urban Salon
Bridesmaid Dresses: Durga-Kali
Wedding Cake: Nutmeg Cake Design
Stationery: Hello, Bird


Heart & Dash's First Year

Valentine's Day marked Heart & Dash's first birthday, and we want to take a moment to celebrate everything we've accomplished! First and foremost, we are most proud of the relationships we've built with the businesses owners we've had the opportunity to help, the couples whose weddings we got to play a role in, and the talented vendors we have gotten to collaborate with. You've made all of the hard work enjoyable by being your fun goofy selves. These relationships inspired us to come up with a little phrase that sums up how we feel about everyone we've gotten to work with: We're endeared by your weird. ♥ 


(Letterpress prints custom made for Heart & Dash by Gingerly Press)

By the numbers, our first year consisted of designing SEVEN brand identities, planning and designing EIGHT weddings, launching ONE amazing new wedding venue, planning a killer dance party on a bridge for over a THOUSAND people, TRIPLING business for our very first retainer client, planning and designing TWO styled shoots, and launching Lady Boss — which now has over a HUNDRED members (and we've expanded into Baltimore)! But enough with the numbers for now — we know you're here to see pictures!


Hand-Painted Brand Identity

We kicked off with our own brand identity. We hand painted everything, and then digitized. The ampersand in our logo contains a hidden heart (a subtle nod to SZ's former business, "Jackalope Heart"). And the pattern is made up of Juniper branches (a secret reference to SK's former business, "Juniper & Dash"). We added these secret touches to honor where we started and celebrate the two of us merging together to form something new, but rich in history.

Spring Wedding at Terrain

Stefanie and Eric called on Heart & Dash to plan and style their beautifully elegant wedding at Terrain. We also designed their wedding stationery, including save the dates, invitations, programs, reception signage, and hotel welcome bags — which pulled every last detail together just the way they'd envisioned. Photo by Svetlana Photography.

Pink & Gold Brand Identity

Angela dreamed about launching a boutique event rental company for years, but needed input on getting started — like what to charge and how to structure the rental process. We got together for multiple sessions to iron out the details with her. Simultaneously, we designed her brand identity so she could finally launch her dream business! We thoroughly enjoy helping companies build their brand — from processes to visuals — for a totally cohesive experience.

Summer Camp Wedding Retreat

Kristen and Jay decided they wanted Heart & Dash to take care of the logistics for their weekend-long camp retreat wedding — and we could not have been more excited about our role as Camp Counselors for the weekend. We are eager to do more weekend-long retreat weddings — summer camps, lodges, mountains in the woods, family ranch — you name it. Photo by Jessica Osber Photography.

Barn Wedding Venue Launch

Non-profit Delaware Greenways manages Historic Penn Farm in New Castle, Delaware, and they had a vision to turn its 50 year-old unused barn into a wedding venue. Everyone on the board was new to the wedding industry, so they enlisted Heart & Dash's expertise in what's needed to launch a successful venue. We worked with them on a long-term basis to develop a brand identity, construction plans, policies, rental agreements, pricing, open houses, tours, and more. They hosted their very first wedding in the Fall of 2015. Now we're ready to help launch more venues in the Mid-Atlantic!

Cucumber-Centric Dinner Party

Heart & Dash planned the second year of Harvest Dinners at Faunbrook Bed & Breakfast (we actually started the series two years ago — it was our first collaboration, and it inspired us to start Heart & Dash). We kicked off the second year with a cucumber-centric menu — which we're proud to say was a sell-out event. Photo by Redfield Photography.

Sweet DIY Barn Wedding

Lori and Paul had Heart & Dash plan and design their elegant-yet-rustic barn wedding. It makes us so dang happy when we see that couples are truly relaxed, laughing, and enjoying their day with their friends and family. These two laughed all day long! Photo by Lauren Fletcher Photography.

Papercut Brand Identity

Annie had done everything she could on her own to build her papercut business, and decided it was time to invest in professional branding. The tricky part (or so she thought) was to make sure that her new look would reflect her artistic style — since, after all, she is an artist. We learned as much as we could about what makes her style unique, which resulted in her fully trusting us to incorporate her style into the identity. We were beyond excited to hear she made a return on her investment right away! We're looking forward to helping more artists showcase the value of their work.

Layered & Patterned Brand Identity

Anne — who already has a super successful wedding blog — had this fun idea to start an alternative clothing line for wedding parties. She asked for help with four big things: 1) A business name; 2) A brand identity; 3) Packaging; and 4) A product photo shoot. Because She Riot is an online business, she and her business partner (who also happens to be her husband) knew it was especially important that the unboxing experience was special — so they enlisted our help in designing the box and contents. For the photo shoot, we saved Anne from overwhelm by helping her create a vision board, sourcing the models, developing a shot list, organizing products and props, styling the models, and collaborating on the vision with the photographer throughout the day of the shoot. Photo shoots are some of our favorite days and they can really help build a brand.

Blackberry-Centric Dinner Party

The second Harvest Dinner at Faunbrook of the year was inspired by blackberries — another sold-out event! Photo by M2 Photography.


Back to School Wedding Styled Shoot

Heart & Dash teamed up with a dream team of vendors for an inspirational styled shoot at the Bok Building in Philadelphia. The shoot was featured on Ruffled! We have some exciting news to share about Bok to kick off our second year — stay tuned! Photo by Danfredo Photos + Films.

Bed & Breakfast Brand Identity

As part of our ongoing retainer marketing for Faunbrook Bed & Breakfast, we redesigned their brand identity to reflect the historic elegance of the property and appeal to the types of clients who book events and stay there. We used the brand identity along with the photos from the Harvest Dinner series to design and launch their new website. Since the brand identity and website launch, Faunbrook's business has tripled. We hope work with more B&Bs and Inns (perhaps in Delaware and Maryland) in the future.

Client Appreciation Garden Party

We could not contain ourselves when The Knot approached us as their first choice to plan and design their annual market event, which is an appreciation networking event for Philadelphia area wedding vendors. Like seriously, we were jumping up and down when the initial email about this event popped up in SK's inbox. We had a great time bringing this one to life — and making sure it had a relaxed and fun vibe. Photo by Emily Wren Photography.

Dance on the Falls Bridge

A year of meeting and planning paid off on the night of the 5th annual Dance on the Falls Bridge in Philly. The non-profit East Falls Development corporation had been doing this fundraiser event on its own for the first four years and decided it was ready for an upgrade, so they hired Heart & Dash to help with the 10 months of planning. The result? We maxed out bridge capacity with a sold-out event and brought in 40x more profit than any previous year of the event. They hired us again for their sixth year! Save the date: September 17, 2016. Photo by BG Productions.


Tented Backyard Wedding

Planning a tented backyard wedding seemed like a simple DIY option to Sarah and Troy, but once all of the vendors started coming together they were overwhelmed. So they reached out to Heart & Dash! The grand finale for their wedding was a huge bonfire built by the bride's father. So much fun! Photo by Nate Heckenberger.


Styled Shoot for an Indoor Wedding at Terrain

We teamed up with photographer Pat Robinson for this killer inspirational styled shoot at Terrain with the goal of getting published on Green Wedding Shoes for the first time. Success! It was published the first week of January! Photo by Pat Robinson Photography.


Private Party at a Maryland Estate

Heart & Dash was hired for a private event at a beautiful horse farm in Maryland this past October. Oh, how we wish we were allowed to take more pictures at this one — but some things have to live inside our heads! Now that we've had a taste of it, we'd love to do more. We're envisioning backyard weddings, sailcloth tents, and collaborative vendor dream teams in the Mid-Atlantic!

Apple-Inspired Dinner Party

The third and final 2015 Harvest Dinner at Faunbrook was inspired by apples. Another sold-out event! Photo by Amy Tucker Photography.

Napa-Inspired Vineyard Wedding in Pennsylvania

Thomas and David wanted to work with Heart & Dash because they loved SK's event design skills! Collaborating with these two on their vision was absolutely dreamy because these gents have some serious style. We also enjoyed the opportunity to work at a venue that was completely new to us. Cheers, Thomas and David — can't wait to share more photos from your wedding soon! Photo by M2 Photography.

Elegant Wedding Photographer Brand Identity

Aly from Wild Cotton Photography has a modern southern style, and though she had designed a pretty good logo for herself — she decided it was time for a cohesive upgrade. She wanted the quality of her brand identity to be as strong as her photography portfolio. She wanted all visual aspects of her brand to communicate the level of talent and service she provides her clients. So we worked with her (via phone, FaceTime, and email since she's down in Nashville) to create this elegant look. We hope to work with clients from all over the country in the future!

Our final project in our first year was to update our services, allowing us to hone in on the most effective ways we help businesses in the wedding industry. (Psst! It's worth noting that we don't limit ourselves exclusively to working with wedding industry businesses; if you are drawn to our mindset and/or you think your dream clients would be into our design aesthetic, we could be a good fit!)

Thanks again for your support (and for reading this doozy of a blog post). And with that, we better get back to work on some exciting new projects for year two!

Upcoming Event :: Dance on the Falls Bridge

Dance on a bridge...yes please! We are thrilled to be working on this unique event, producing a dance that takes place ON the Falls Bridge! East Falls Development Corporation — a non-profit focused on building community — is hosting this event on September 19, 2015, and they hired Heart & Dash to help make it bigger than ever before! Their goal is to make it feel extra special for its fifth year. We accepted the challenge.

Photo: Rick Lodge

Photo: Rick Lodge

Check out the Dance on the Falls Bridge Facebook page to stay updated on all event information and make sure to snag your tickets before this awesome event sells out. You can use the code 'EARLYBIRD' to take advantage of the discounted rate of $59 for an individual ticket. Or take advantage of purchasing a VIP group ticket which includes 10 tickets and a reserved table for your group!


  • Dancing to live music from The Sofa Kings
  • Open Bar {Unlimited beer + wine}
  • Food truck voucher {$5}
  • Liquor tasting from Art in the Age  {1 tasting}
  • Coffee Bar from ReAnimator Coffee {1 beverage}
  • Photo Booth

Purchase tickets here!