How We Designed a Brand Identity for a Barn Wedding Venue

About a year ago, we were hired to turn Historic Penn Farm into a wedding venue. It has been a dream for us. We've been working closely with the team at Delaware Greenways, who manages the farm, to draft up rental policies, establish processes, write answers to FAQs, create template emails, and book their first year of weddings — tons of logistical stuff that we totally geek out over. However, we know that stuff doesn't exactly make the prettiest blog posts to share... but now we get to share the new logo! Check it out:

Historic Penn Farm Logo

ABOUT THE CLIENT: Delaware Greenways, Inc. is a local non-profit committed to promoting outdoor connections for healthy, vibrant, sustainable communities throughout the First State. They manage Historic Penn Farm, which means that when a couple chooses to have their wedding there, their money benefits a great cause. The Historic Penn Farm mission is to be a sustainable, bio-diverse, productive farm that inspires and educates the community towards healthier lifestyles, demonstrates good environmental stewardship through best practices, and provides a unique gathering place for community events.

Historic Penn Farm Logo Drafting

BRAND AUDIENCE & FEELING: The team at Delaware Greenways asked that the branding have a friendly, welcoming feeling without feeling too youthful or childish. Because the farm will also be used for community-based events as well as educational workshops, it needs to appeal to potential wedding clients as well as the rest of the community — families, youth, and farmers. We hand-drew the corn and flowers for a more earthy, natural feeling, but added in a touch of formality with symmetry and elegant typography.

Historic Penn Farm Logo Creation

LOGO SUBSTANCE & STYLE: It was important to Delaware Greenways that the new look honored the history of the land while looking forward to the future — we did this with the imagery and the typography. Corn has been the primary crop on the land since the farm was established, while sunflowers were just recently planted last year for the first time — and they're quite popular with couples who plan to get married there. The use of Adobe Garamond, a more formal-looking serif typeface, is a nod to the historic time period, which is balanced out with the modern, simple sans-serif Montserrat.

Historic Penn Farm Logo Drafting Heart & Dash

BUDGET: Since Delaware Greenways is a non-profit, limiting the use of color {using different values of the same color} was a strategic choice we made to save them printing costs in the future. They've decided to roll out their new brand over time as they book more weddings — we'll be sure to share examples as the new brand gets implemented across their materials! Here's a sneak peek at how their simple sunflower brand pattern could be used to dress up their marketing materials:

Historic Penn Farm Business Card Logo


Interested in seeing more work we've done for Historic Penn Farm? Check out the styled shoot we did last fall. Want to book your wedding or event at Historic Penn Farm? Visit their site! It's pretty awesome that the profit from your wedding will support Delaware Greenways!